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I have been in investigations work for over 20 years. I have used the services and products that you will see on this website.  Whether you choose to use the Net Detective, US Search or any of the services from Complete Investigative Services, or any of our other services or products.  I honestly believe that all of the services you come across on this site are quality products and you will be pleased with the results.  Every one have a money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied.

...Start Your Search here This is the right place to start your own on-line investigation. Whether you are just trying to locate someone or you need to conduct your own background investigation, this is the right place. Use the same tools private investigators use to locate people check out your date, do a nanny background check, verify someone's identity, check arrest records, check criminal records, check court records like bankruptcies, divorces, and legal judgments.  Get sex offender reports, birth records, DWI and DUI records. Find information like property records, business filings and more!...

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Be Your Own Detective is a place that the title says it all.  We strive to give you the tools, tricks, and tips for you to be your own detective.  Whether you are looking to find a name using a cell phone number, conduct a background check or search for criminal records, all of the above searches are really good tools.

Most of the tips and tricks are found in the blog.  If you want to see if we already have information on what you would like to investigate yourself, search the box below.