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You can start by simply stopping by one of your local bail bondsman offices and actually talking to bounty hunters in person. Sending them an email to inquire about bounty hunting at first would not be a bad idea. You can also talk to your local Sheriff and inquire about it there. It's a very good idea to find a mentor in the business. Bounty hunting is not your typical line of work you apply for and get a job fresh out of college, like an MBA or computer programming. It's clearly not for everybody.

Be sure to research the whole subject of bail law, as it can be complex and laws are different in every state. If you have a felony conviction, you can probably forget about a career in bounty hunting, however in some states a misdemeanor conviction can be a problem. Texas has some of the strictest bail laws governing bounty hunters in the US.

Here are a few recommended authority sites regarding Bail Enforcement Law:

American Bail Coalition

State Bounty Hunter Laws

Bounty hunters normally work as independent contractors on a contingency fee basis, so if you are unsuccessful bringing in a fugitive, you don't get paid. Many top bounty hunters earn 6-figure incomes, while those doing it part time, say a few nights a week or weekends could make about $25,000.00/year.

To be successful you need to learn private investigation skills, and law enforcement techniques such as Skip Tracing, Surveillance, Negotiating, Interviewing and Deception Detection, Apprehension Techniques, Marketing, Networking, Pretexting, and Researching.

This field has been largely unregulated for a long time, but all that is changing with the times. There have been a growing number of mistakes made throughout America, by less than professional bounty hunters, some of which resulted in death. In the future you can expect more regulation, and stricter licensing requirements. The history of Bounty hunting dates back to the old days of the "wild west" back at a time when "Wanted Dead or Alive" literally meant what it said.

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